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IOTA Compact Fluorescent Products

IOTA manufactures emergency ballasts for operating both 2-Pin and 4-Pin compact lamps. Lamp types operated include twin tube, triple tube, quad, 2D, and straight compact lamps ranging from 7W to 70W. Output ranges are from 650 to 1300 lumens.

IOTA was the first to introduce the AC Series Emergency Ballast, designed to provide compatibility for environmentally-friendly ("green") low-mercury content amalgam lamps.

Modern compact fixture types can require special mounting solutions when installing auxiliary emergency ballasts. IOTA emergency battery packs are offered with a variety of mounting configurations (EM-A, EM-B, EM-J) to meet individual mounting scenarios. Descriptions of the different mounting configurations are available in our Technical Library.

The Emergency Ballast Product Overview on the right provides a quick overview of each unit's lamp compatibility and design features. For complete product specifications, refer to the Product Specification Sheet.
The IOTA Lamp-To-Ballast Selector Tool The Lamp-to-Ballast Selector Tool ...A quick and easy way to explore emergency ballast options for your specific lamp application!

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Wiring Tips
Helpful troubleshooting tips for common emergency ballast installations

Mounting Configurations
An overview of available mounting options for IOTA emergency ballasts for compact applications...

IOTA 5-Year Warranty

Battery Recycling Information

Life Safety Code Excerpts

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